This is a sci fi visual novel intended to hypnotize you with suggestions/triggers and a bonus QnA at the end. For those not familiar with hypnosis, the game is suppose to relax you and make you calmer (think of it similar to a guided meditation app but with a science-y theme)

The story:

It seems you signed up for an experiment at a lab testing the effects of mind control. The experiment is led by a rather calm yet eccentric doctor named Voldritch who will help you through the experiment and ease your mind leaving you, well, mindless.

The web version runs a bit slower depending on your computer/internet so there's always the downloadable options.

Made by me and with help with my friend Chef.


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it looks like doki doki but a boy and a scientist.

and he's trying to brainwash OUR BRAIN?

he'll brainwash everyone's brain until everyone is very comfy.



where secret pugliding


f*ck u it works llololollolol

The pudding was the friends we made along the way


bannanana puddilgn


so you're telling me this... isn't a dating sim? 

okay but real talk this was... the best hypnosis experience? like ever? uhhh thank you for making it!


Voldritch runs if you try to date him lol And thanks! I wanna add onto this more.


I found this game yesterday and loved it so much that I played it few more times. I'm amazed how well the hypnosis actually works and how amazingly likeable Doctor Voldritch is. This experience made me feel loved and that I should care for myself (IDK why, but discovered a feeling of self-worth with this).  This game is amazing and I hope you will find succes in the field of game development


That means so much to me! I produce a lot of hypnosis content to make people just feel happy and better for themselves. I also produce comics (featuring voldritch and other characters) and hypnosis videos on my twitter/youtube on top of games. So you can read lore or try until the next one releases since it may be a long while :o


those headpats had me falling in love with Dr. Voldritch


Aww that's wholesome. I am currently posting comics of him on my twitter if you want more voldritch content :D


omg yes i'm going to check it out immediately


would be cool if someone would voice Dr. Voldritch, I could do it but... I'm not at all a voice actor nor a native English speaker. so, probably not the best choice...


A few people mentioned that i'll keep in mind if the project ever becomes super big!

I'm available if you're ok with my normal voice and Non-native English accent. Will also do it for free :3


Well, that was a mix of adorable and trippy. I usually use audio files, but this works too. I was especially surreal to feel myself just... autoclick after a while. Nicely done. :3


Aw thanks! I hope to make a sequel eventually.


Wow, every time Dr. Voldritch said, "stop and smell the roses" I became knocked out for almost a minute until I had the ability to even click to continue the text. I was so deeply hypnotized and drowsy, but I think I would have gone into a deeper trance if the text was read out loud, that way we wouldn't have to keep our eyes open just to read it. I can't wait for more. So relaxxeedd....

Aw thanks! I'd love to have voice actors but thats money and a lot of work ;-;


wow! At first i thought 'is this a spooky horror game?' but in reality, what it was was really calming. i felt relaxed (despite clicking out every now and then to avoid being actualy hypnotised as i didnt know what itd do) but id totally play again to be properly focused to be really hypnotised

Aw thanks! No worries about hypnosis cause its mostly like meditation but more interactive (most hypnosis I make is focused only on relaxation). I added some suggestions but they stay within the confines of the story.

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I'm really impressed.This game is amazing!!I have never thought that a game could give you such feelings ;I really felt relaxed,sleepy and empty.This game is truly the most creative and nicest game I have ever played.The only "bad" thing is that it's a little difficult to focus on the screen while reading the text,but it didn't bother me too much.

(sorry for my bad English)

Glad you liked it. I'll keep that in mind if I make a sequel.

This game is so surreal and calming! The visuals are nicely done and I love the funky music :>

Aw thanks! I'm glad you like it.