This is a sci fi visual novel intended to hypnotize you with suggestions/triggers and a bonus QnA at the end. For those not familiar with hypnosis, the game is suppose to relax you and make you calmer (think of it similar to a guided meditation app but with a science-y theme). I didn't make it with the intention for people new to hypnosis at all. Please research hypnosis before doing it, especially recreational hypnosis.

The story:

It seems you signed up for an experiment at a lab testing the effects of mind control. The experiment is led by a rather calm yet eccentric doctor named Voldritch who will help you through the experiment and ease your mind leaving you, well, mindless.

The web version runs a bit slower depending on your computer/internet so there's always the downloadable options.

Made by me and with help with my friend Chef.


next game in the series:

If you want more voldie, I have a comic series:

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
Tags2D, Fantasy, hypnosis, hypnotic, Sci-fi


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i love it hahaha

I think it would be better if he had voice acting or somethig more than just eyes

I make these games for free. Getting a professional voice actor would cost a lot of money, as of which I don't have to spend.

Why don't you do it? (I also ment it to be for other people to read this aloud and do the stuff)

I'm a woman lol


I was already awake when playing this and while I understand the premise was to relax, I just felt annoyed at the guy. DIdn't trust him at all, which is counterintuitive to the point of this game. It was fun though!

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You might prefer lavender labs instead as this game was not intended for newbies to recreational hypnosis which you clearly were. It has a comprehensive intro to hypnotism. I made this game at the time assuming only people within the hypnosis community would play it as no one knew of my work outside of that. Hope this helps.


I really liked how in the end you could flirt with the doctor.

haha I'll give it a watch. Though that's just an optionable ending. 


violently flirting with him to the point you chase him out of the lab. coolest game


I really loved the music!!

Just left a review but GOSH what an amazing game you've created! I'm quite familiar to hypnotism and this did the trick! I still have the game in the background and the ticking music is still making me pause in a drifting state while typing this. You've done an amazing job writing the script, creating the character, building a perfect scenery. Overall, gosh amazing!

Awwww thank you!!! :D


it was nice and enjoyable fine but good

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Honestly this was my first kind of "hypnosis" visual novel and along the way when Dr. Voldritch said that the MC was focused on the spiral I couldn't help but look and go "Wow.... Spiral" and I didn't realize I spent a few minutes staring at it. This was honestly really great, the repetitive dialogue was really great because I couldn't help but zone out in the middle of reading it. Also I love how Dr. Voldritch goes about, he's so calm and like, some sort of siren where they lure you in? His words both make sense but since they're kind of long you start to unconsciously drift off with it. And the music was really nice, especially at the start when it sounded like they were ping ponging from each earbud to the next. Great game!

EDIT: I saw the secret, I'm wheezing. I wanna join them!

Aw!! I'm glad you enjoyed it and like voldie. 

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Dr Voldritch is kinda hot 馃槼 i'd be a good subject for him any day 馃ゴ


i want to be hugged. and to give hugs. to this man. this is the one officer. idk how else to express my joy. i can hardly type properly. this is the happiest ive been. im now banning all thoughts. ty

Aw you're welcome. That's one way to be mindless lol

I鈥檓 playing on mobile and the music isn鈥檛 working, can you fix this? I鈥檓 playing in browser. 

It's not formatted for mobile

oh ok


dr. voldrich: "youwill slowy feel your heartbeat blah blah blah with the music."
me with the sound off: what music???


It's a good game and I like it! (I want Dr Voldritch sm.)

There is a sequel! and a third game in the works.

I will play them when I can!


i feel like ur not supposed to mix hypnosis and drugs but im high af and this is a whole other experience it was amazing also voldritch is hot as fuck


Stop injecting yourself with the weeds




Soo, I have been interested in trying hypno for a long time, but I always got the NSFW part of it, lol. Now talking abt the "game" It really fk works. Woa. No words. English is not my first language so I was a bit curius if this would work... Sooo in my mind I translated some of the prhases like "sleppier or drowsy" to have a better outcome in the feeling. And well the dr. he seems like a nice person XD.

Aw i'm so glad you liked it and surprised it worked even with the language barrier! Hope you had an amazing time.

I decided to play this after taking a test since we weren't doing anything and ended up falling asleep. Anyways he's hot I WANT HIM!!!!!!!!

Woah slow down there's only so much voldritch to go around

(1 edit) (+1)

I do not know if it worked as well as it could have as I am always a bit on alert due to past traumas, but that is nobody's fault. 

What I *do* know, is that I really really want to give Voldritch a hug as he deserves it, and I deserve it too! (Unless he is not okay with being touched, if that is the case I will respect his wishes and give him an air hug)

Edit: Things have been very stressful for me the past week, I came back here and I felt a lot better about things afterwards. I have definitely grown attached to Dr. Voldritch.




somehow this game was recommended while looking through a list of Shrek visual novels, but nonetheless, personally give this a 10/10, came into life at the perfect timing, was surprisingly effective, and became an enjoyable part of routine 

although question, does Voltritch have a canonical height? this question is for reference purposes


I guess voldritch is shrektacular lol thanks!

He's 5' 11''... it is an ongoing meme his height haha

I MADE AN ACCOUNT FOR THIS!! gosh this vn is so good- i genuinely felt like i was about to fall asleep LOL had to stop myself cuz they day just started,, i loved it sm i recommended it all my friends HAHHAAH ANYWAY i love dr voldritch, (the character design is so good??) i think i have a tad bit of crush on him?? BUT OTHER THAN THAT this game is fantastic!  i think could use this as someone who struggles with falling asleep <3


Hypnosis is always great to sleep to and to just see voldritch

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fantastic! excellent! this is EXACTLY what i've been looking for! i've been trying to find a good game about hypnosis FOR hypnotizing yourself, but i guess i've always looked in the wrong places; the games i did find were okay i guess, but something about them rubbed me the wrong way and i could never figure out how, you know?

and in comes dr. voldritch with the vibes i never realized i wanted, just in the nick of time! this was an excellent experience. very relaxing, made my brain feel squishy in a good way. also? i love the good doctor. top tier design. can't wait to try the follow-up when i've got the time!

[edit] reworded a sentance


Most if not all hypnosis games are pornographic and of an extreme nature :C you need to be weary of the community, cause its hell. Probably why you had bad experience. I try my best to provide stuff for normies I guess. It's hard to find content like that at least on the english speaking side of the internet but I try making sfw content. Also big thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it :D

YEAH THEY SURE ARE. the mc/hypno community is...kinda really gross about a lot of things too, and contributed a lot to my self esteem issues for a while.

but. holds ur content up. This Is Good And Not Weird. thank you for your service!

It's just an american thing apparently... outside that, the hypno community isn't nsfw weirdly. And you're welcome! I hope to give something wholesome in the abyss of hypnosis lol

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i try these kinds of things periodically to see if maybe it will work one day, but it never does. maybe it's ADHD, maybe it's a trauma response, but this just made my heart rate spike lmao

edit: i am so confused reading thru the comments???? i have not seen a single one that doesn't say it did the opposite of relaxing them????? am i just messed up??????????????

where are the options to say i hated the hypnosis thing bc i feel like i am near tears and i am going to blame this guy that looks like doctor two brains from word girl

(3 edits)

Hi, It's not your fault or the games fault, just some people not used to hypnosis can make you dizzy, exhausted or anxious especially if you have a pre established medical condition. I used to get anxious too when I did hypnosis. You probably need an induction specifically crafted for you for it to work and this game isn't intended for everyone nor the induction style or atmosphere. It is a recreational hypnosis game, so its not medical hypnosis. It's best you research hypnosis before you do it because not knowing how it works will affect how a session works later on. I hope you feel better.

I didn't intend this game for people new to hypnosis but it so happened it was the majority of people who played it.

what are the trigger warnings?

(2 edits) (+1)

Its suppose to be an stress/meditation aid so it makes you relaxed actually. It's for fun not for medical purposes though, i'm not a hypnotherapist. I'd research hypnosis first if you wanna play it safe and do recreational hypnosis


10/10 just invaded multiple countries while knocked out! truly an amazing experience!


Ah damn you got more street cred than voldie can.

i lobe it, 10/10 bets brainwashing experienc ei've ever ahd

You have been successfully comfetized


that...was not what i was expecting. i am totally here for it though, i feel a lot less stressed and a lot better, really..i'm defiantly taking a nap after writing this, haha- 

The best thing you can do after trance :O

wait,, seriously? i was out for two hours,, all my online friends are worried now oh god-

i'm sure they'll understand you've been chillin'


This game is lots of fun :-). I love the colors & it's just altogether very relaxing. If I'm being honest here, before I start working on big projects I usually replay this game to help get rid of my stress & actually focus on the doing my work! Keep up the good work :-D!

Aw that means a lot! I hope you are the comfiest.


The whole experience has been lovely. Yay!

I keep finding this game on Thursdays (I found it for the first time on a Thursday too!) so the screen with "Yesterday (or was it Wednesday?)" doesn't fail to amuse me every time I see it.

It all was very comfy and relaxing. The music tied it all together. Thank you for making this game.

Aww that's sweet! I really enjoyed making it. I am working on a third actually :p


Honestly one of my favorite games, I love funky man.

He became a comfort character to me for some reason lol

everybody just loves the guy 


after this i forgot 80% of my stressful thoughts i had when i started playing and now all i can think is funny scientist dancing with cute rats help


don't resist the rats, embrace them

rats will rule the world.

i have not even played this yet, what do you mean rats

you will see.

ohmygod theres a chonk boy-

lavender labs has more chonkers


thats why the game is 10/10.


funny little man doing the funny little dance with the funny little rats


the only true use for mind control


great game! loving the differenet options and endings

why is he hot?-


bro the fact that i kept yawning so much while he was talking (except for when he mentioned saying that i was yawning and stuff) omg i cant tell if its because its still morning rn for me and i woke up like 2 hours ago but it was so confusing and i loved it haha

Deleted 282 days ago
(1 edit)

Well I have a sequel if you're interested. It should be on my game page. Also that's kind of tmi :l

Deleted 278 days ago

Do you mean the QnA at the end or the count up he does to wake you up? 


no joke its been a few months now and whenever i hear the trigger phrase its just as good as the first time im in love akjsksjfh


Best part about triggers is you can repeat it to yourself and get comfy too lol


This is honestly the closest that I've been to going under ever, I tend not to be relaxed by them but this somehow was all right. It helps that I saw one of the pics and was just 'Spoiling me is okay today, the weekend was rough'. Will probably use it again when I need a boost.

I'm glad voldie could cheer you up!


This was cute! I loved it. Still, the one game that put me in the most hypnotic state is "Loved". Actively obeying simple instructions help with the hypnosis.

Well everyone has their own preferred induction method. Maybe next time i'll add something new. What is loved? if its nsfw game I guess i'll pass lol

It's a flash game. Not nsfw but gaslight-y.


Dang, I went deep. Thanks!

You're welcome!

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