:big edit2: This game is not really intended for first time recreational hypnosis, LavLabs has an introduction to hypnosis and Mezmaglitter's new age route is better suited.

:edit: no nsfw in comments thx

This is a sci fi visual novel intended to hypnotize you with suggestions/triggers and a bonus QnA at the end. For those not familiar with hypnosis, the game is suppose to relax you and make you calmer (think of it similar to a guided meditation app but with a science-y theme). I didn't make it with the intention for people new to hypnosis at all. Please research hypnosis before doing it, especially recreational hypnosis.

The story:

It seems you signed up for an experiment at a lab testing the effects of mind control. The experiment is led by a rather calm yet eccentric doctor named Voldritch who will help you through the experiment and ease your mind leaving you, well, mindless.

The web version runs a bit slower depending on your computer/internet so there's always the downloadable options.

Made by me and with help with my friend Chef.


next game in the series: https://bloofbloof.itch.io/lavender-labs

If you want more voldie, I have a comic series: https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/bloof-comics/list?title_no=485655

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(140 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
Tags2D, Fantasy, hypnosis, hypnotic, Sci-fi


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I flirted with silly lil mustache man I love him as a character so silly just a goofy lil guy I <3 silly lil evil scientists who look like they haven't slept in years

got me blushin n shitttt

I saw the thumbnail and said "Woah a hot scientist count me in", then I saw his normal sprites and went "nevermind he's ugly there's no way they can make THIS hot"

then he semi-took off his glasses...


It's a relaxation game not a dating game you weirdo



holy fucked shit i was having a huge panic attack earlier and still under the effects of it, and holy batshit this calmed me down SO much. This is an etherial feeling that I NEVER want to let go of. It worked! And with no hypnosis experience whatsoever, it worked and made me feel SO GOOD

Wow that鈥檚 amazing. I actually used to have panic attacks too but hypnosis helped. Glad it worked for you馃寑

I am hoping to finally be able to play an uninterrupted playthrough of Lavender Laboratories tonight! I want to SO badly, but have never had the time. I'm going to curl up in a corner and play it right now!

Aw cool! Enjoy it.


this is awesomee

Hey, bloof im making a show and I want to add him to the show is that ok?

As a character? Or reviewing the game? What type of show?

character and the show is abut a wrld in hell

Oh, so it's fan art? Feel free to credit me then and include a link.

:D Thank u!!!!


i made fan art :D   i hope u like it :) Voldie :D


Aw thank you!! I do like it.

:DDDD Thnk u :3


damn this shit boring af



When playing this the art style was giving me total rhythm heaven vibes XD...Dr.Voldritch is very silly and attractive...99999/10

he鈥檚 just a mad scientist. He doesn鈥檛 try hard


(1 edit) (+2)

its hard to focus when i am so busy being ashamed of myself for finding dr voldritch insanely attractive

edit: finish d the fifrst plahythrough, sending thdis to my aprtner i tthink he''ll like i. gn




I'm looking back on this the day after and laughing. My typing was so bad. Good work on this game, dude. 


There's 3 more games and a comic if you want more cringe ;^)

I don't think it's cringe at all, your content is awesome. I'm gonna have to look more into it when I get a chance. 




"Your surprise me so oof how absolutely receptive you are even to the slightest bit of care"

Thanks is called lack of affection


10/10 for removing your worries... but I will reduct points as I still can't shake off the fatigue! 10/10 - 7.5/10.

...and of course, 10/10 for the character and music.

Feeling super tired after doing hypnosis for the first time is super normal and everyone experience it lol Best you can do is sleep it off. Glad you liked it!


I have never been so relaxed playing a visual novel with a mad scientist

Amazing <3

Deleted 250 days ago

Well text based hypnosis (especially in the silly format I made it in lol) tends to not work as well as irl hypnosis cause it has more interaction. If it helps, you can try meditation/self hypnosis since it requires inner focus rather than outer.


Seducen failed... LOl

ASMR the game lol :)


its hypnosis, ratlord

It did make me sleepy even though I wanted to resist!

I mean the whole point is to relax but I guess you can play it for the story? lol

It felt too ominous that he wanted to control me haha!

Oh yeah the game wasn't for first time Recreational hypnosis. I put a disclaimer again on top.

Think everyone can experience the game in a different way, I didn't go in intending to relax but just to try it out!

Basically the effects worked, I wanted to see if I could resist. I mean I was sleepy starting out so gotta try again during the day haha

I came up with a rather funny idea.

What if you were to make the most chaotic character possible?

Just a suggestion...But at the end of the day, hypnosis is just suggestions.

The old account...

I have returned. My alt should help in the future.


10/10 will play again

my anxiety ruined the game for me but that's fine 

If it helps, the third game has a meditation with no mad science stuff if you choose the bloof route. 


oh.. DR Voldritch my beloved


not gonna lie, i sleeped in mid game


Well it did work in a way haha





Deleted 175 days ago

correction: when he just repeats himself over and over it tricks my brain into looping a hypnotic pattern in my mind. 

the noise of the text at the beginning made me want to throw my notebook against the wall, cool game, I really got sleepy, too bad the doctor couldn't stop talking and I had to listen to the noise of the text (seriously, man change that noise)

Just lower the volume of the sfx.


I'm on the floor... I played this before and I'm playing it again and he got me on the floor all over again...

Well get a pillow and take a nap lol


JUST ONE KISS, JUST ONE PLEASE鈽侊笍Rose鈽侊笍 on Twitter: "@junkmixart not me crying uncontrollably because he  deserves the world https://t.co/DuD3TwvM3A" / Twitter


Yes you can.

You can kiss his rats.



I would but my father is a rat.



Awwww thank you!! Also there's 2 more games in the series if you want more Voldie lol


tbh d8dh6 ec-ecv6 ty8s ti ew94i


that was supposed to say: "tbh didn't expect this to work"


I'm glad my game astral projected a cat walking across a keyboard


Can I use your characters in battle against cosmic eldritch demons? FICTIONAL cosmic eldritch demons.

Yeah you can if you credit me. Feel free to send me the fanfiction lol


its actually for dnd lol

Oh, well go ahead lol



This left me tired

Deleted 1 year ago

he does has a very feminine mustache


This was really nice! I'm having trouble writing this, but yeah!!! I liked it :D loved the burrito ending and the secret hehe <3


i feel so relaxed and heavy, i almost dont want to go back to being unhypnosised. i found this is relaxing, he seems so welcoming and kind, and when he was repeating phrases, i really liked the speaking noise repeating along with it. it feels like im really being talked to! this was incredible, and i can't imagine how you made this so effective! i read the comments before playing, and i didnt understand how typing afterwards could be so difficult, but now i really do understand.. I CANT WAIT TO PLAY THIS AGAIN!! i really did become this fictional guys servant huh...

(1 edit) (+2)

I played this once before but didn't pay full attention to it, but this time I did so it worked! I replayed this bc I'm having a bio test on Monday so I played this to see if it would work and- yes, it did, I'm very calm and relaxed, so if I ever panic on my test I can just say "stop and smell the roses" bc it makes me smile anytime I say or type that ^^ but it works better when I imagine the scene and the text with him saying it. Anyway- thank you so much for making this awesome game! I hope you have a good day or night, same with any other random human reading this too! Be sure to eat something if you haven't, drink some water, get a healthy amount of sleep and if you are in school, do your homework, but don't stress yourself out from it either.

Hypnosis is great for studying actually! Glad you could enjoy it like that :O

wow. my typing register probably undersells my true feelings but wow. this was great..i'm still having trouble even keeping my head up and using my fingers to even type this out...this worked way too well than it had any right to, i love dr. voldritch in every way...i'll be his subject any day..

the only problem i had was that having to look down, away from voldritch and the spiral to read the text did probably make it a bit less effective unfortunately...

Aw i'm glad you enjoyed it! I was long thinking of putting a text box above him but felt it would look weird.


I know I'm being hypnotised but I feel so loved and cared for man. Head pats MAN HEAD PATS

He has to ask politely for them because he wants to be professional lol


I Love your art style so much it very much reminded me of wario ware (in the best way its my total fav!) such a cutely written doctor hes too charming!!! I LOVED IT!!!

also loved the secret it was too cute!!!!

awwww thanks!!!!! He sure is a charmer haha

Here is my playthrough of your wonderful game!!

 Aww nice! I'll get to watching it right away.


Hoo boy this was a lot of fun! Are you a specialist in hypnotism? cuz this was way more effective than I expected! Even while editing the video I felt drowsy and relaxed! I love Doc Voldritch he's such a cute character! I'll put a link to my video for you to see once I finished. Great job excellent job!


Aw thanks! Nah I mostly do recreational hypnosis but hypnosis itself is fairly easy to learn haha.

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