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hehe big sleepy...

lol lol



(1 edit) is broken. I don't access to the code. Whatever he does is out of my control.


I made fan art :D i hope u like it



He is a sweet one.


the rat has become too powerful, we'll all be tricked into feeding the rat cookies forever

infinite rat cookies


When he started to pet me I cried but like in a good way. I LOVE THIS GAME AND I PLAYED THE PAST ONE SOMETHING ABT IT IS JUST SO MESMERIZING!!! also i love dr. voldritch so damn much he so lovely and cute

hehe everyone loves him lool

Deleted 142 days ago

That was interesting. It actually produced a sleepy calming effect on me. I really expected nothing to happen.

Good Job!

Aw thanks! Glad you could feel comfy :D


rat room rat room rat room rat room rat room rat room rat room rat room rat room rat room rat room rat room rat room rat room rat room rat room rat room rat room rat room rat room rat room


the giant rat just made me think of this lmao 

The fattest rat makes all of the rules


LOVEEEE the game and dr. voldritch ;)

He the best!


He knows I have issues


Be careful he's an unlicensed therapist


what do you use to make the music


Ancient version of Garageband. You can find better DAWs than what I have lol


I wont him


Not the fourth wall breaks 😂


…Also did he just pull a MIB memory flash on me?

Nah it's a pen light. It's used in hypnotism and his just looks funky lol

Oh I see. I think I thought that because when he’d turn it on it would reload the page and restart the game from my save XD

Oh that's probably an issue with your browser. Best to have the most up to date browser or just download it.

Ok, thanks!

dayum he a hottie okay


I love these games so much but like... Where do you get these audios for it from cuz 😩😩😩

I make them myself :p

Did you post them on your Youtube account


THANK U SM ❤️❤️❤️ ILY 


Woah! This has even more content than the last one! I love how we get to see more backgrounds and how they all mesh together to form the world that Dr. Voldritch and many others live in. I also love how we get to see more sides of good ol' Dr. Voldritch, especially his goofy side, truly gives him more depth as well as introducing more characters. Also I love Science Bloof! They really weren't kidding of being deisgned to get humanity's love and affection! Also I love MC's reactions to the bird goth and how entirely unimpressed they were. But also I love how much variety the brainwashing process began because I did feel a bit woozy from it, especially with the pen lights. It was a bit of strain but eventually I did get into the groove of things. Also that secret?? Poor Dr. Voldritch but honestly I'd rather watch Science Bloof much on their cookie. Great work!!

Aw it means a lot! Also I do have a comic with them in it, so you can definitely read them in the meantime until the third game is out!


This was extremely well made. I was on the edge of sleep going through this. Very tired during, and I still am. I love the addition of the bloof this time round. Will there be a third game?

Yes, there will be a third, it's in the works.

awww bloof x cookie

uggghhhhhhhhh i lov e sleepy friends rat man an d scienc bloof 

(1 edit) (+1)

this is so delightfully pleasant. i love the, the calm. and how it's so. sorry brains still a bit squishy, i starded calm and switched to hazy so. head purple

i think tharacter driven hypnosis experiments like this are a resounding success. theres something abt it that really gets me. the ability to switch up your experience mideay is really good too, love that little...that little bit of handling. i think this is exactly what ive been looking for and never realized i needed. its good.

i'm gonna do it again. blasts me in a good way and now im tired.

i just remembere di wanted to compliment you on the music too!! it's Exactly everything it needs to be. not too calmihg but not too mechanical. it hits the sweet spot that just jives my brain real good

its good. its so good. love this generic scientist man. would get cookies with him again 10/10

[edit] ALSO ALSO good job getting a codephrase to stick with me for more than five seconds bc that callback to the original experiment slapped me so hard abd i didnt even expect it to. tried half a dozen other ones in the past, this is the first and only one that hasnt just slipped off my brain like so much banana pudding


Enjoy that hazy purple brain of yours :D


went to bed and it was good 👍 cant wait to see more of what you do in the future!

I have a youtube channel with more hypno stuff if you want more comf.


hehe. what if one day he just spontaneously adopts some kids from an orphanage to test what activities cause the most joy, and then one day some heroes try to "save" the kids from "the evil man running experiments on them" and the ids are just hugging some small bloofs and drinking chocolate milk like "nah, were good." that would be cute


I'm sure thats the plot to despicable me lol

(1 edit) (+8)

I love him sm, it's such a calming experience!! Do you plan on doing a third game?

it's currently in the works and features 2 new hypnotists :D

remember me, yeah i still havent changed my mind lol





i dont think it did much to me personally , but i loved this game so much !! the dr and all are just amazing !!

will have to play again !


If the hypnosis doesn't work, there's always a comfy boi instead :p


Ah! I really hope there's another game! The whole concept is cool, and it's gotten me interested in hypnosis! Plus, I can't wait to see more of Dr goofball.

there's gonna be a third. It's in the works :O

Awesome! Looking forwards to it!


I've never really been able to into trance when I try to find hypnosis stuff online. Whilst this didn't get me fully under.. it did get me a fair bit under, which is better than most things!!

Also Dr. Voldritch is just absolutely sweet. He's amazing, and this game in general is just sweet, cute, and charming!

A wonderful experience throughout.

aww that's sweet!


Its 3am and I shall do the big sleep because i'm actually and surprisingly sleepy from this experience

Enjoy the sleepy sleep


i actually fell in love w/ this man. i played this like a month ago and just recently played again and... :)


i care him


we all do


I FINALLY FINISHED IT!!! I kept falling asleep before I could get through it but FINALLY I was able to brave it! I absolutely adored the first game and as someone who's a huge fan of your art and storytelling it was super fun to meet Science Bloof and Foxglove!! Thank you so much for putting the effort into this game! Do you have plans for what you'll be doing with these characters in the future beyond the art and comics you've been posting?


Thanks! I might do another visual novel and some hypnosis files but probably still work on the comics since its pretty fun.


gotta say that this man has my full heart


He deserves all the love for being the best bean


oh my god this did wonders for my gay touchstarved brain

also the nods to the past game was amazing aksnkdskfbsfkhskf i love itttttt


The soundtrack-
I need it-


here ya go 

:0 Thx u


I love this sm! I cant wait to see more of Voldritch ^o^ We can be sleepy bois together :-)


i am so gay for this cartoon science man


everyone is


You encounter Voldritch after his nap! What do you do?
*Talk          *Dizzy             *Flirt           *Mean
You picked flirt!
Voldrich blushes, flustered.                                                                 


Loved this game so much that I had to make fanart!


Oh I love it! I'll save it my fan arts folder ;o;

Thank you!


Sgdhsjjdj dr Voldritcj is so babiy I jus wanna hug himm and tell him hes prettyyy sdsd <33

I really really enjoyed both of these games!!! The characters, the visuals, the options/endings are sooo *mwahh* and the interactions between Voldritch n you n other characters are very entertaining! 

I played this game w my bro n sis apnd we all felt bad when we went thru the bad end thoo, poor babi doesn't deserve thiss ;-((

Also, I wanted to ask whether or not you were accepting translations, cuz I'm totally willing to translate both of the games to slovene! <3


Aw thanks! And not sure how to implement translations, i'll have to ask my friend who coded it how to.

Ah I see! Once you get it figured out, I can send you my discord/other social media we can continue w the translation on!


No guarantees though since we both work and it might take up a lot of time.

That's fine! You do your own thing!


Honestly, if anyone were to take over the world, I'd want it to be Voldritch- I don't care how evil he is, he's adorable.


He tries to be evil but fails but you give him hope that he can be.


HE'S SUCH A BEAN THOO- I want him to control the world. sdgbhjhfui

Being serious though, I hope to see more of him and his hypnotic experiments. Maybe make a game where you're one of his rats? I'd wanna see that. I'd just be like:



I actually have a comic series on my twitter and webtoons where I post more lore for the character.

FR?? What is it?

I post it usually to my twitter but I have an archive on webtoons:

Deleted 1 year ago

Aw thanks! Means a lot.

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