Dress up your old pal Dr. Yakov Voldritch!

My socials: https://il.ink/BloofBloof

Art server: http://discord.gg/GGg43qn2DX

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Tagsdressup, dress-up-game, fashion, madscientist, Sci-fi


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*megalovania starts playing*


I love this!!! I've played all of your games and experiments and was hoping you're making more!!!!! These help me a lot with stress, and your experiments always work to help calm me. Thx for making these and keep up the great work!!!!!!

- Great Subject lolol


Ah thank you! Nah, not happening for a while cause games are veryyyyy time consuming. Feel free to check my social media or discord though since I post constant comics and lore and stuff.


Your fine lolol!! It makes me happy with how much time and effort you put into these!!!!!!


I temporarily untraumatized him with this thank you, HOWEVER, I am really invested on how the story will play out 


I don't know why you made this, but this is amazing.

also, ultamite hypno Voldie!


So many options to be the chillest dude!


seriously tho, why

<33 love all his game a lot!! Thanks for the great work dev~ 😊

Aw thank you! :0